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"How are you?": such a common question so quickly answered positively. Yet, do we really know how we're doing?


Our bodies only tell us we're not doing well when we feel pain but most conditions start developing days, months and sometimes years prior.


Today, we have the capacity to early detect more diseases and illnesses than ever before. Unfortunately global access to preventive healthcare is low, expensive and mostly available at point-of-care.

Çava's mission is simple: bring non-invasive and affordable solutions to monitor and optimize people's health.

Çava's first product takes advantage of our daily bathroom visits, which provide the most consistent opportunities for personal check-ups. The Çava seat is fun, smart, affordable and compatible with every standard toilet. And it will keep you clean!

Contact us if you’d like to be part of our beta-testing program.

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We believe every household should have access to preventive health.