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A bidet seat like no other, capturing the widest range of health metrics of any consumer device.
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Trust your gut

Daily waste analysis and a smart food diary help bring your mind and gut closer together.

Follow your heart

Keep track of your blood pressure, base heart rate, and more. Get notified if you ever miss a beat.

Listen to your body

Are you drinking enough water? Losing the right kind of weight? Building muscle mass? Track your body’s composition and important vitals to answer these questions and more.

Level up your personal hygiene

Reduce your toilet paper waste and ease into your morning routine with a bidet and other luxury features.

Real-time data

With the Çava app you can access all your health metrics in one single place. Set goals and optimize your lifestyle based on your own data.

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Why the bathroom?

The bathroom holds the keys to unlocking some of your most valuable health insights in a non-invasive and non-disruptive way.
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All features

Frequency tracking
Blood pressure reading
Biometric user recognition
Heated seat
Body weight measurement
Blood oxygenation
Auto open/close
Heart rate variablity
Heated cleansing water
Muscle mass %
Bidet function
GI 3D scanning
Body fat mass %
Dot-matrix display
Skeletal mass %
Night light

Tech specs

Easily washable casing
Non allergenic surfaces
Auto firmware updates
Wifi/bluetooth connectivity
IP5 water resistant
Max weight: 400lbs


Sensor details